What to do if you’re unhappy with your workplace pension

Your employer has a legal duty to provide you with a qualifying workplace pension and contribute to it. if they aren’t, here’s what to do.


The law on workplace pensions requires every employer in the UK to enrol certain staff into a pension scheme and pay contributions towards the pension pots of their staff, this is called auto-enrolment.

So far, we’ve seen a huge number of employers get compliant with the auto-enrolment legislation and offer pension schemes to their staff. However, some employers have attempted to find ways around the cost of setting up a pension scheme, leaving their employees short of the pension contributions they are entitled to.

If you have concerns about your workplace pension, or suspect that it isn’t being run properly, please get in touch with The Pensions Regulator.

TPR can investigate a range of concerns you may have, including:

  • Missing contributions into your pension scheme
  • Your employer is unwilling to pay your contributions
  • Your contributions are being persistently paid late
  • You think your employer may be acting fraudulently or dishonestly with your pension contributions
  • Your employer isn’t complying with their legal duties to provide a workplace pension
  • You suspect malpractice, dishonesty or fraud in your workplace pension, or have significant concerns about how it is being run.

Whistleblowing is straightforward, confidential and speaking out means you’ll be offered the pension you deserve as an employee


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